"Secret Pool" with HAINZL water hydraulics

HAINZL Systemtechnik is currently scoring with an unusual project and is officially heralding the summer: Together with the customer "Delfin Wellness" we have developed a secret pool. The terrace floor disappears thanks to water hydraulics and a pool appears.

Where there was previously a terrace area, there is suddenly a pool – at the push of a button, the lowerable floor disappears in the depths. Thanks to the comprehensive technology from HAINZL Systems Engineering, including stainless steel cylinder, unit with wall bracket and remote control, there is little space in the garden and safety is not a problem with this "Secret Pool". At the end of the bathing day, the pool becomes a 100% safe and usable terrace area in just a few minutes. At the same time, the pool is protected from dirt and heat loss. The depth of the floor can also be changed as needed, for example if children move in it.

You can find more information about HAINZL Systems Engineering here.