Revamping of a rolling mill

The rolling mill of a customer was overhauled and modernized in 2022 after several years of production. The aim of the revamping was to remove the old hydraulics, lubrication and roll lubrication of the rolling mill during a planned shutdown and replace them with the new modernized equipment.

The inventory of the existing equipment and the sizing of the existing hydraulic room were the biggest challenges: Due to the limited space available for installation, very detailed attention had to be paid to the dimensions of the new equipment during the planning phase. With three weeks, a narrow time window was available for the removal of the old equipment, the installation and assembly of the new equipment as well as the connection to the higher-level control system and the commissioning.

In close cooperation with the customer, all requirements for the new equipment were designed and planned. The revamping of the plant was completed on schedule to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Scope of the project

  • Inventory of the existing hydraulic equipment
  • Renewal of the hydraulics, lubrication and roller lubrication system

Advantages for the customer

  • State-of-the-art components installed
  • Improvement of the strip quality
  • Downtimes could be halved
  • Standardized spare parts system
  • Highly qualified service technicians on site