HAINZL "Revamping" brings your plant up to the state of the art and extends its service life and productivity. Through a comprehensive inventory and detailed customer consultation, we work with you to develop optimization potential for your plant.

Purchasing a new plant involves high costs and is not always associated with advantages. Upgrading an existing plant, on the other hand, ensures efficiency and competitiveness and restores the necessary reliability of the plant. All in the spirit of sustainability!



Your benefits

Together, we survey the current status of the plant and agree on potential improvements. Modern technology ensures a safe and smooth production process.

Due to the newly installed components, the availability of spare parts is ensured for a long time. New components are installed and commissioned during a planned shutdown to quickly restore productivity.

A final safety inspection ensures that the machine also meets the highest safety standards.


// Increased performance of the plant

// Optimization of maintenance and operator friendliness

// Higher productivity and better quality

// Plannable implementation during a shutdown

// More energy efficient operation of the plant

// Prolongation of service life

// Safe operation (TÜV)

Our services

With our many years of experience in the fields of metal production and processing, energy and power plant technology, and mechanical engineering, we offer you full service including consulting, planning, and implementation.

Through our know-how in fluid and automation technology, we offer detailed expert advice and jointly sound out customized solutions for your system.

Our qualified specialists in engineering, technology and assembly bring your system back to life during a planned shutdown.


In the Customer Service area, we support your systems throughout their entire life cycle after revamping.

Our services range from comprehensive maintenance and spare parts management to detailed training.

Through our Premium Technical Support, we support you with special service modules such as on-site support, remote maintenance, telephone support and offer you corresponding annual services or spare parts packages.