Test stands and systems in test stand environments

We are manufacturers of hydraulic test benches and special test benches for research and development as well as for production applications such as "end-of-line" or "in-line" test benches. In addition, we offer a range of standard test benches that have been specially developed for testing requirements in the service and maintenance sector. Our test benches are supplied with the OCEAN automation platform. This allows all your systems to be networked on a digital platform.

We supply our test benches to a large number of customers in the hydraulics, automotive and aviation sectors, among others.




In the area of production, we develop test benches and systems for batch testing during production, for random sample testing or for in-line and end-of-line use.

To ensure production and assembly quality, we offer systems for functional testing during or at the end of a production process. A high degree of automation is an important criterion, which we cover through our many years of experience and specialization in the field of automation technology.

Our strengths as a test bench manufacturer are, in addition to the development and manufacture of the test benches, the integration of the same into the work process of our customers.

These include:

// Interface Management

// Data Management

// High level of automation

// Full integration into the production line

// Automatic handling systems


With our test systems, we accompany your products from prototype to market launch and beyond.

We are a leader in the design and production of customized test benches for the research and development sector.

As a manufacturer of test stands, we have decades of experience in the development of a wide range of test applications such as:


// Motors

// Pumps

// Filters

// Gearboxes

// Fittings / Hoses

// Turbochargers

// Valves

// Heat exchanger

// Cylinders

// Batteries

// Power steering systems


In addition to new product business, many of our customers focus on servicing and repairing products that are returning from the market.

In order to be able to ensure the function of serviced or repaired components, our test rigs are used.

These enable the manufacturer-independent testing of axial piston pumps and motors, valves, hydraulic cylinders and torque motors.


With our testing systems, we contribute to making new environmentally friendly technologies widely and safely available.

Components for applications with hydrogen require particularly reliable and safe testing and analysis.

Our test systems are part of current and global environmental protection efforts.

In the hydrogen sector, we have a high level of expertise in the following testing applications:

// Valves

// Sensors

// Pressure retaining equipment

// Fuel tanks

// Burst testing according to EG_79/2009 and ECE_R134

// Pressure test according to EG_79/2009 and ECE_R134

// Leakage test according to EC_79/2009 and ECE_R134




Our universal test stand for your hydraulic components

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