Lowerable pool ground with HAINZL water hydraulics

Together with the customer "Delfin Wellness" HAINZL Systemtechnik has developed the "Secret Pool". The lifting floor, which can be lowered thanks to water hydraulics, transforms the terrace area into a pool at the push of a button. HAINZL water hydraulics stands for quality, durability and easy operation. Thanks to the comprehensive technology of HAINZL system technology including Niro cylinder, power unit with wall console and control with remote control, little space in the garden and safety is no problem with this "Secret Pool". At the end of the bathing day, the pool turns back into a 100% safe and usable patio area in just a few minutes. At the same time, the pool is protected from dirt and heat loss. The depth of the bottom can also be flexibly changed as needed.

Technical Data

  • Cylinder for moving the lifting floor
    - Lifting force 8to
    - execution completely in stainless steel
    - special sealing system for holding a position
  • Compact water unit with wall bracket
    - high pressure pump unit 125 bar water pressure
    - Drive power of only approx. 600 watts
    - Operation with filtered tap water
    - Use of high quality stainless steel (Nirosta)
    - Compact design for easy installation in the pool equipment room
  • Control with remote control box
    - Control for moving the lifting bottom
    - Monitoring of the operating states
    - Remote control for control in the field of vision of the pool/lifting floor
    - Signal supply for superordinate controls